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How The New Bahu Can Easily Have A Healthy Lifestyle In Susral

Remember you had a new year resolution in 2020 that you’ll lose weight and be more active? Oh! wait, wasn’t that also your resolution last year? And so many years before that? Keep reading; this article is for you.

Health is wealth is such a common proverb that it might not even be catchy as an article starter for you anymore but let’s face it, it’s something we ignore even though we know it. As a child you have enjoyed a carefree life, but as you hit adulthood, naturally you become more conscious of your health, your weight and your eating habits. Different women do it for different reasons, some want to lose the excess weight they have gained from childbirth, some have conceiving issues and doctors recommend fixing your diet, others just come to a realization of how their aging makes them vulnerable to diseases and that fact becomes an eye opener for them. So around the age of 20-30, women become more conscious about themselves, and unfortunately that is the same time they are supposed to be struggling to adjust in their new susrals. Now the problem is the new bahu wants to follow a healthy diet and everyone’s eye is on her. She isn’t allowed to go to the gym or make her separate diet meal. In this situation let’s discuss what she can do.

Food groups:

We need to understand what a healthy diet is. A healthy diet is such a diet that contains all equal portions of all food groups but in a suitable amount.

CARBOHYDRATES: The portion of carbohydrates is our energy and vitamin B. It consists of roti, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: The portion of fruits and vegetables is basically our vitamins and minerals.

PROTEIN: Protein portion is chicken or any meat, fish, eggs, pulses etc.

DAIRY: Lastly, dairy is our calcium and is basically any milk product like cheese, butter, yogurt, milkshakes etc. 

Things you can easily do in susral:

01. Firstly and very importantly, our daily meal should contain all portions of the above-mentioned categories. Eat less but eat smart.

02. Other than that, what we need to understand is how important water is for us. Increase your water intake and that’s the easiest and most accessible change you can make in your diet with maximum results.

03. If you are trying to lose weight, lessen the rice intake. Stop eating sugar and boycott soft drinks. Also, you’ll have to say goodbye to fast food and fried food for a while.

04. Go for a walk daily. Set a goal and increase your kilometre goal with the passage of time.

05. If you can’t go somewhere for a walk the next thing you can easily do without leaving your house and even in a small area is Leslie walk. YouTube search ‘Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone’ or just copy paste this YouTube video link Do it twice daily.

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

06. One other very easy and doable workout routine that I followed without having to leave my house and in a very short place that gave maximum results was the one by Hira Tareen (YouTube video link: Do it daily or 6 days a week. It just takes 8-9 minutes.

08 Min at Home Workout by Hira Tareen

07. Note your BMI from a calculator and set a target. This is important because without this we all get lazy and busy doing our house chores and forget about our health. Challenge yourself!

Now if you don’t want your new year resolution to be the same in 2021 and the next coming years, start following these tricks now and let me know in the comments how they worked for you. Let’s become a bahu squad and motivate each other.

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