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Comments You Will Hear On A Susrali Gathering For Following A Trend

Living in susral sometimes gets to women’s nerves because susrali relatives do not reserve their views to themselves, and also don’t feel the need to hold their horses before firing their loaded guns of opinions towards you and all you can do according to the societal norms is “bardasht” because “Larkion ko ghar abaad karne ke liye har baat sehni chahiye, aur unwanted comments aisay toh nahi  hote ke aap sehh na sako, tou mera beta, bardasht karlo.” 

Living in susral with such relatives can also be made possible by learning to ignore or by the hit formula to ignore what they say, smile, and do whatever you feel is best for you. “Suno sabki karo apni.”

Now there is an event taking place in your susral or somewhere else to which your susrali relatives have been invited; here are some comments you need to be prepared to hear from them to help them digest their food.

Comments on your shirt length:

Even if your husband has no objection to it, the aunty will tell you that your shirt length should have been at least long enough to cover your knees. They’ll go on about how you are a grown woman now and should learn to adapt a trend according to your age. They could also involve deen and pardah in their comments or just how in their times’ people had so much sharam.  Instead, you opted to go for a long dress and they’ll tell you how this trend only suits tall girls.

Comments on your makeup:

Now, you watched a makeup tutorial and aced a cut crease eye look, but the aunty does not approve of it, and will go with her “Haw haye itna zyada makeup?”  They’ll gossip about how you have nothing to do other than dressing up and looking all dapper. On the contrary if you don’t like heavy makeup, and did a minimal no makeup look, the aunty will say “Tayaar ho kar raha karo, sawab hota hai miyaan ke liye tayaar hona.” Best case scenario, you did great on your makeup and they can’t find anything to comment on? They’ll just proceed with commenting on your lipstick. I have firsthand witnessed a susrali aunty commenting on a girl’s red lipstick saying “Over hogaee hai lipstick dekho iski!” And then the same person told me I should have applied a red lipstick shade with my dress instead of pink.

Comments on your health:

Now you have dressed up traditionally and did not take any kind of risk with fashion to avoid comments, they’ll still proceed with comments on your health based on just your weight. As we all know health is way beyond and vast than just weight, the know-it-all aunties will satisfy their soul by telling you that you have either gained weight and have become fat or they’d insist on you to eat something because you are too skinny.

Comments on your twinning with your better-half:

This one I don’t know if it’s common or just my experience, but If we (the bahus) twin your outfits with our spouses they find it besharmi and if we don’t, they start assuming that we had some kind of argument and are made at each other hence we didn’t twin our outfits.

Aunties will be aunties and can go on about you and against you on whatever topic they feel like, so the best thing you can do is totally ignore their opinion and slay however you want. Smile and let them burn. How is your experience in following trends and dressing up in susral? Comment below and let us know!

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