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10 Things To Keep In Your Bag On A Susrali Gathering

Like it or not, susrali relatives and susrali gatherings are sometimes just unavoidable and you have to attend them. Now, if you forget something home these gatherings will become more of misery so we are here to guide you with a list of things you should just not forget while marching off to the red zone that is susral, and especially if you know it’s going to last long we’d recommend you to recheck your bags before leaving the house.

01. Your mobile phone

Let’s start with the most obvious and most important thing while leaving the house for a gathering or just leaving the house for going anywhere, your phone. Take pictures, selfies, or play games. Scroll to ignore unwanted advice or make a fake phone call to avoid awkward situations. I think I don’t need to go on about how much we all love and need our phones. Do I?

02. Hands-free

If you get bored and want to just not listen to all the gossip and negativity that is just going on and on and on, plug up the volume and turn off the world. Whether you’re using them to listen to music or as a social cue that you’re not in the mood for a conversation with the susralis, these are non-negotiable. Put them in your bag, YAAD SE!

03. Makeup pouch

A pouch with all the essentials of makeup, because makeup is just a ‘must’. Also, keeping makeup in your bag without a pouch sometimes gets messy but even if a pouch isn’t your thing, you can keep all your makeup essentials directly in your bag for after food touch-ups or if group photos are being clicked. I just like to keep my necessary products with me.

04. Tissues/ wipes

Tissues? Lots of them if you are as clumsy as I am, you wouldn’t want to spill food and become a funny story for your susralis to mock for eternity or for winter colds, crying during sad memories, and showing kindness to strangers.

05. Money/ wallet

You have no idea if you are going to have to give some mubaarki after reaching the gathering. Keep extra cash in hand to avoid the long-term bashing like “Haww, humaribahu kai bhai ka bacha dekh kai bhi mubaraki nahien di us nai!” if you forget this.

06. Perfume/ deodorant

This is another very important thing to carry with you. Not just to susrali gatherings but anywhere especially in summers.

07. Mouth freshener/ breath mint

I don’t know this might just be me but I really like to carry it with me. Because it sucks to have to talk to someone with bad breath and no one likes to be smelly, right? Also, if the food is late and you’re really hungry mint helps keep the hunger in control.

08. Hand sanitizer

Just think about all the germs you may come into contact with while you are at the gathering especially with the whole Covid19 situation going on. I think this is something that should always always be in your bags.

09. Mobile Charger

What if your phone runs out of battery while you are stuck at the gathering? You don’t want to run out of battery and not have a charger with you… you might also get one from wherever you are. But why risk it?

10. Hair ties and bobby pins

You might feel uncomfortable with your hair after some time and might want to tie your hair so stock some hair ties and bobby pins up in your bag – just in case.

What else do you like to keep in your bag? What did I miss? let me know in the comments.

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