09 Types Of Susrali Relatives

Susrali relatives are not your ordinary relatives. They are a strangely interesting or annoying group of people who belong to the husband’s side of the family or are related to your husband.  Today we are going to look at the different types of Susrali relatives a Bahu has to deal with.

01. The suspicious type

There will always be one aunty who will be suspicious of everything everyone does, she will be the Sherlock Holmes of putting two and two together. “Acha? Uski beti itni raaat ko kahan jaa rahi hai? Wahan kiya kaam hai? Apko kisnay bataaya? Mujhai tou us ne aisa nahien bataya? Uski beti ki dost kai bhai ka lagta hai Punjab College kai wakat se uski beti kai sath chakkar hoga… Acha tou aapki bhi love marraige hogi? Chakkar kaisay chala?”

02. The judgmental type

Then there will be one aunty who judges everything you do. “Beta sonay ki churyaan kiun nahien pehni?  Hay Allah itni choty shirt? Jeans, tauba tauba… Night suit pehn kai apnai bedroom mein laiti hui thi, Astaghfirullah…kiya zamana agaya hay. Apnai miyaan se baby baby keh kar baat kar rahi thi, main ne khud suna, itni betakaluffi? Uff.”

03. The complaining type

The aunty who will complain about everything. “Tumhaari behan ki nand pregnant hai? Mujhai tou tum nai bataya hee nahien? Main kabb se aaa kai bethi hoon, mujhai tumnai aa kai salam he nahien kiya? Tum ne kabhi mujhai call he nahien ki? Mene shaadi pe 1000 salami daali thy, tumne mere potai kai lye Eidi he nahien bheji?” The list will just go on. Solution? Completely ignore this type, trust me.

04. The staring type

They will stare at you from head to toe. Yes, they are better at this job than muhallay kai taaarnay walay bhayia. They will just keep staring. You might get conscious about your dupatta and wonder if something is wrong with you and why she is staring, but you don’t need to worry, it’s just habitual. Or you can simply just ask, “Jee aunty kuch chahiye?”

05. The interrogative type

There will always be that one interrogative aunty who would question everything you do. “Aisay kyun kiya? Wese kyun nahin kiya? Jana hai? Kiun jana hay? Kahan jana hay? Wapis kab ana hay? Itni zyada dair kyun lagani hai?”

06. The Star Plus chaal-baaz type

Star plus and some of the recent Pakistani dramas have taught our aunties how to stir up scheming and manipulating quite well. There is always one in your Susrali relatives, who has an evil vendetta against you or at least gives you those vibes.

07. The modern showoff type

Me tou bhai Elan ki lawn pehnti hun bas, MK kai ilawa bhi koi handbag pakrna jayaz hai? Humaray ghar tou har banda apni pasand ka khana banwata hai, humaray ghar tou AC 24 hours chalta hai, Hum tou bohat k3wlxx hain…. The list will go on, there is almost always one Susrali relative who will just have to go on and on about how her lifestyle is so tip top and how she is so trendy.

08. The nakaam ashique

If your marriage was a love marriage you will most probably have to run into that nakaam ashique cousin who had spent all their life day dreaming about your spouse and even though they know there is no hope left, will be spotted apkai miyaan ko dekh kai thandi aahain bhartai hue because “Jeeyen tou jeeyen kaisay, bin apkai”.

09. The lifesaving angel

Then if you are lucky enough you might also find someone you can rely on and connect with, in the chaos of Susral that will be your life saving angel, may it be a Jithani or a cousin of your husband. That will be the one face you’ll look for as soon as you arrive at a Susrali gathering.

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