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The Hidden Entertainment

Life is usually boring when you have the same routine of waking up, doing all the house chores, getting dressed and then eating and sleeping. Life needs thrill and some kind of entertainment which gets kind of complicated to manage in susral (In-laws) keeping in mind all the “Hawww, yeh kya harkat hai?” and all the rok toks one gets while living in a joint family system. Firstly and most importantly to get some stress off your shoulders from having the same old routine you need to learn how to become dheet (resolute and unwavering) and a bit selfish. You’ll need to learn how to not care as much of what others think as long as your husband approves, what you are doing is legal and isn’t harming anyone.

Casual sneaking out:

This is the first and most thrilling entertainment in susral. When everyone is fast asleep, a door opens and you take a quick run to the car, locking the main door from the outside to avoid having to ring the doorbell when you are back. Silently closing the car door or if you are on a motorbike, it is silently reversing the bike out of the house. The sneaky Cinderella life is fun as long as your husband is willing to go with you. Even if you get caught and busted, don’t take things seriously and laugh it off as a reminder of college bunking days.

Watching a TV series with the husband:

Going out to watch a movie is all fun and cute, but married life is seven days a week, four weeks a month, and twelve months a year date. So, to keep the thrill alive and to enjoy the quality time together rather than the “You scroll on your mobile, I’ll scroll on mine,” boredom, it’s a healthy activity to find a TV series you both would enjoy and binge watch it together.

Date nights:

This has to be my personal favorite. You have cooked dinner and the two of you are supposed to eat, but once a week you could spice things up a bit by dressing up and leveling up your table décor, like for example you could set some candles and use the fancy crockery you were saving for a special guest. Well, why not make the husband feel special? And the reaction you’d get out of it would please your heart to the core and no entertainment can replace the thrill you’d get after that fancy dinner. (If you know what I mean) *smirks*

Susrali drama:

On a very lighter note, sometimes you can also find entertainment from the drama your Susralis (In-laws) put up. For example, the fainting acting of your devrani to avoid having to cook, or the ‘look-busy-do-nothing’ nand who will never do anything in the house, but will keep exaggerating how she has taken the whole house’s responsibilities on her light shoulders, and how important her presence is for the family saying “Pata nahi aap logon ka mere baghair kya hota”.

Chup chup kai romance:

Sometimes playing hard to get is also exciting, susralis not letting you go to your room and the husband missing you and texting stuff like, “I miss you” can also be enjoyed. The chup kai walay pecks on the cheek or dirty double meaning comments sometimes can make your day.

In short, while living in a joint family you can get many opportunities to enjoy as long as you keep an eye open for fun chances and keep gratitude in your heart for being grateful for even the tiny gestures of love and small moments of happiness.

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