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10 Things A Newlywed Bahu Should Do

Stepping into a new phase of life as a newlywed bahu (daughter-in-law) has its own ups and downs. As exciting and fun as the new life may seem, one must ensure that the new bahu doesn’t get carried away. Since there are some must-do things that a new bride should do to become a good bahu, here we address all the new Shaadi Shuda bahus (newlywed daughters-in-law)!

01. Don’t panic-

Adjusting to a new place takes time, so accept that marriage is a process, and that there are no rights or wrongs. It is unrealistic to be a wife within a day, so go easy on yourself and enjoy this new phase of life as you will learn with time and experience.

02. Keep your marriage exciting-

As a newlywed bride, experiencing post-wedding blues is normal, so make it fun and keep a spark in your marriage. You can make spontaneous plans with your husband or a bucket list with your husband, such as trying new cuisines or learning a new language together!

03. Spend time with your new family-

Your Susralis (in-laws) are as important as your husband is, so it is essential to mingle with them by spending time with them.

04. Have your ME time-

As much as you might love serving your husband, giving yourself your me-time is critical. So, have a spa day, or make a cup of coffee or read a good book.

05. Be open and honest about finances-

Discuss your financial goals with your partner, as there can be times where both partners may have to contribute towards financial stability.

06. Learn to let go-

Arguments are a part of life. Likewise, there can be instances where you might have arguments over petty issues with your better half. So, it is essential to let go of little things as sometimes small things can have a huge impact on your relationship.

07. Have your own jokes-

Humor is as important as romance in a relationship, have your own funny and inside jokes – it keeps the element of laughter alive for years and years.

08. Travel as a couple-

Traveling as a couple has an entirely different vibe, it keeps marriage fun and teaches both the partners to survive together.

09. Communicate-

As cliché as it sounds, discussing your problems or imperfections with each other is necessary. At times, discussions may result in fights. In such scenarios, try to find creative ways to communicate with each other, such as writing a letter or an email to your spouse, as it can solve any kind of misunderstanding.

10. Sometimes, agree to disagree-

It is as hard as it seems, but as highly recommended by elders, one should not go to bed angry. At times, you will have to agree with your partner to let go of things, as you might end up saying or doing things that you might regret later.

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