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A Life-Saving Tip To Help You Lead A Peaceful Life In Susral

Do you want a happy and a successful marriage? Is achieving a peaceful life in Susral (In-laws) a dream?

It’s a fact that our environment and people living with us greatly affect our relationship(s). 

Here is a LIFE-SAVING tip to help you lead a peaceful life in Susral.

Tip: Your husband should play the role of a mediator/ act as a bridge between you and your extended family

This is perhaps the most important point. If your husband is supportive and acts as a bridge between you and his family, then things are pretty much sorted out for you. If he is not, then: 

Convince him to act as your shield/protector

Finalize a communication channel. For e.g. if you have any issues with your in-laws, then instead of locking horns with them directly, try to resolve the issue using your husband as a moderator. Trust me, I am talking from personal experience. This TIP is a LIFESAVING one!

The above tip works both ways i.e. if your in-laws have any grievances, then they will convey them to you through your hubby.

Communicate openly Now this doesn’t mean that you become a whining baby and start discussing every trivial issue with your husband. Do that and you will lose credibility! Discuss the major conflicts, filtering out any biases or opinions that you might have about your Saas (MIL) or any other extended family member.

Keep your husband on the front! For instance, if you had a plan to go out with your Hubby for dinner and your Susralis (In-laws) suddenly come up with a family plan that day, then instead of spoiling your mood and showing anger in front of your in-laws, let your husband do the talking. He will convince his family to let you guys go; in this way, you get your plan and you also get to maintain a good face in front of your in-laws. The same strategy also applies to making any changes in the house, décor, purchasing anything new, etc. 

Ladies, if you Google you might find many tips on the internet guiding you on how you can lead a peaceful life in Susral; you will see for sure that this TIP tops the list.

Please do comment and share your views.

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