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Basic Rights Of Dear Husband

Have you ever wondered why a husband is the only species that requires attention, care, and whatnot? Ever felt alienated? This is because the husband is a significant addition to the life of a girl. While considering the basic rights of a dear husband, “Garam Khana (warm food)” is not always enough. It can be deemed as the basic need and right of a husband but there is a universe beyond that. 

Wife: Aaj Khana khud garam karlena

Husband: Theek hai begum ap kay lye bhi kardunga.

It seems like a dream to most wives to see their husbands treat them well. However, if being a wife you are going to fulfill the basic rights of a husband, it won’t be a dream anymore. 

Respect and obedience

Believe me, it’s not rocket science to fulfill these basic rights of a husband. Respecting your husband will eventually lead towards your integrity boost since respect begets respect. Obedience is quite difficult when it comes to “Shopping” still it is not that troublesome. Ask your husband for the credit/ debit card and Ta-Da – the problem is solved.

Good and kind treatment

Apart from “Garam khana”, as a wife, you should treat your husband with kindness. Be a superwoman and throw kindness on your husband like confetti. Your husband deserves this because not only is he kind towards you, but he is the sustainer and the protector. There can be no understanding or companionship if there is no mutual respect and kindness.

Keeping up good behavior and hairstyle for husband

If your husband likes different and variant hairdos, DO IT! It is that simple. If you think keeping up the good behavior with your husband is that difficult, you can simply put up a ‘Balayage’. Trust me, it works. When it comes to the question, “How to make your husband happy?” A good hairdo is always the right answer. Nevertheless, keeping up good behavior goes a long way. Whenever you think you can’t keep up good behavior with your dear husband, just try to reminisce about those moments when your husband bought you “Gajray”.

It’s a wrap

Wrapping it up and keeping it simple, fulfilling the basic rights of your husband is not an expedition but a responsibility. Wife and husband should mutually practice and implement gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness in their companionship religiously. It makes and works towards an absolute happy and healthy environment and family. Not only will their family will flourish and prosper, but it will also be beneficial for both. 

In Islam, marriage is considered a prestigious bond between two souls. Humanity, love, fairness, justice, and equality form the foundation of marriage. Lastly, when a wife finds her husband fearing Allah Almighty and fulfilling her basic rights and providing her with whatever she wants, ultimately the wife is deemed liable towards the husband to fulfill the basic rights of the dear husband.

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Masha Allah. Worth reading. You highlighted very worthy points here in this article. Any girl can follow this simple hacks to do her husband happy. May every reader can easily adopt this tips and apply in their lives and share their experience here.

@unaiza keep sharing these kind of tips here. We would love to read and get the benefit in our marriage life. Much appreciated your efforts for wrote this article.