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Helpful Tips To Save Marriage From Intruders

After getting married, we often find ourselves in situations where we must save our marriage from intruders. We need someone to calm the storms of our souls, and help us protect our marriage from others – be it Susrali relatives or our own families. Marriage is a gratifying bond to share with your significant other and cherish the moments with your soulmate. Nevertheless, the twist in the story comes when you welcome the ‘intruders’ into your marital life. When you are married, you eventually become a celebrity for most of the people in the family. Consequently, the ‘intruders’ become part of your married life just like an unwanted child.

Tips and tricks to rugby-tackle:

Initially, you must be so busy relishing the opportunity to be privileged enough to be married. 


Here comes the *interloper brigade* to kill the boredom of your life. Here and now, the expedition starts to tackle the quest of Susrali relatives to know about your marital life more.

Make connection:

When you get married, you should make a connection with your spouse. It is required to be connected with your better half for smooth execution of the house chores and daily walk of life. Whenever you feel you are losing the connection, try to connect with your Creator. When you persist in this connection with your Creator, the rest of the world becomes insignificant even if others try to belittle you.

Stay focused:

Ever wondered why we pay heed to people who don’t rightfully deserve our attention? We do so because of the distractions and our distorted focus on them. When you are concerned with your partner only, you eventually learn the subtle art of not giving importance to the minor. However, if you ever feel like you are drifting from the track, Meditate. Because it will give you a roadmap to align the rest of the day. Pay attention to the patterns of intruders to avoid unnecessary intervention.


In rare cases, in-laws play a vital role in saving your marriage. Subsequently, the ‘in-laws’ know the *interloper brigade* better or more than you do. So take assistance from them to tackle it wisely. 

Interestingly, they know your man too because of being the nurturer of him. If you feel stuck whenever the “interloper brigade” tortures you, call 9900 (In-laws) for the rescue operation.

Your suggestion is not my command:

One way or another, people are likely to interfere with the matters of married couples. Nevertheless, there is always a moderate way to ask the intruders to stay at a distance from your marriage matters after setting boundaries. Simply, ignore the unsolicited suggestions of Susrali relatives to live a simple yet peaceful life. 

By the end of the day, life is not a bed of roses and marital life is all about laying on the bed of thorns without even nagging. One cannot ignore the beauty of marital life since it is a bond shared by two souls by the will of Allah Almighty. Take guidance from Him and beseech Allah alone to surround you with people who are there to light up your ways and not interfere unnecessarily.

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Arsalan Ahmed

Couldn’t agree more. A very beautifully written married life situations.


Good thoughts bete. Keep provide us such tips in future.