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Signs That You Are Married To A Narcissist

Married to a narcissist? My friend just got out of a toxic marriage. I saw firsthand what marriage did to her, from being a gold medalist graduate to a person who lost the basic confidence of asking a store salesperson for her size clothes!

It was months later that she opened up to me, hearing what she had to say about her spouse gave me an insight into a concept that was unexplored for me.

Do you know who a narcissist is?

A narcissistic person is a person who has a very high level of self-importance. In layman’s terms, a person whose world revolves around himself.

If you too face emotional abuse in your relationship, your partner is likely a narcissist.

Are you married to a narcissist?

Here are 05 signs that will help you identify a narcissistic partner:

01. Your friends’ circle has been cut down

If you have had a big circle of friends and after marriage, that circle is diluted, it is time to open your eyes. 

What is the reason? Some possible reasons could be that your spouse explicitly told you to cut them off or make it hard for you to meet them or connect. If that is so, your narcissistic partner is isolating you and shutting you out of the real world.

02. Gaslighting

“I was just kidding, seems like you are always losing your temper!” A narcissistic partner will make you question reality. They might be insulting you and then covering it with this sentence. Gaslighting is a very common phenomenon in a narcissistic marriage. Put it this way, you argued with your spouse where they are at fault but the argument is steered in a way where you start doubting your perception and feel like you are at fault.

03. Playing the jealousy card

If your spouse continuously boasts about their ex, shows you their pictures, and implies that they left a better option for someone like you, your partner is narcissistic!

04. A drastic change from fiancé to spouse

A narcissist is amazing in courting. They would do everything to woo you; they will seem like a true prince charming. But once the knot is tied, everything vanishes.

05. The constant search for empathy

A person with a narcissistic personality disorder will always be looking for empathy. They will confide in your family, act like a victim. When you will need to turn to your support system, they will already be blindfolded by the narcissist’s lies!

These signs are more like flags, if your spouse is showing these signs, it is time to evaluate your relationship and weigh the future. 

Physical abuse is talked about a lot, but I believe there is nothing worse than the scars you can’t show! Emotional abuse is far more dangerous, and given the current mental health awareness in our country, I believe this is terminal. 

If you feel like you have ever been emotionally abused, let’s talk! 

If you know someone who might be in a relationship with a narcissistic partner, share this article with them. Let’s help everyone out there! We are all in this together, just breathe and speak up!

Books to read if you are married to a narcissist

You may find these books helpful to learn about narcissistic behavior and deal with such people.

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