Warning Signs Of A Cheating Husband

Infidelity can be a shattering experience for any couple. Naturally, many women tend to be blindsided by it and others are told that they’re being “paranoid”, a word being misused so much these days.

Instincts. Intuitions. Gut feeling. They’re real! Always, always, trust it. You feel like something’s not right, but you are not able to point out what exactly is not right. There will be many people around you to tell you that you’re wrong or are probably overthinking. But maybe you are not. Maybe your anxiousness, depression, sleeplessness, and insecurity have a reason behind it. Trust me when I say this, “A woman’s sixth sense, when it comes to spouse and children, is real.” There are some very apparent signs which could help you clear your skepticism about whether your spouse is cheating on you. The warning signs of a cheating husband.

Behavioral change:

Behavioral change is the first change you’re likely to notice. Irritable replies, mocking, not paying much attention to whatever you say, one-word replies, and being inconsiderate about your feelings are some of the few odd changes you would notice. There will also be a very big communication gap between you two. He will be physically in front of you but mentally he may be elsewhere! You’d find him unusually distracted. You might notice him taking care of himself much more than he ever used to. Some women tend to correlate these behavior changes to “work pressures” but deep inside they know there’s something more than that. So ladies, don’t fool yourselves.

Waned intimacy:

Another very prominent warning sign. Be it emotional or physical intimacy, you’ll see a difference. He would make up pointless excuses for not making love to you. He would be indifferent towards your emotions and thoughts. Appear to be tired or mentally occupied with official work. You will also notice a lack of affection. He would be very much hesitant to even kiss you on your forehead or your hand.

He now prefers more “me” time rather than “we” time!

Awkward conversations!

“Just a thought, ever since we have gotten married, have you ever developed an interest in someone else?” 

“Why do you dress up so much? To show off in front of other men?” 

“There’s something wrong with you. You’re seeing somebody else.” 

He would do everything and anything to point the finger at you. Conversations that had never happened between you two would start happening. He would start talking about female acquaintances and how very normal it is to be very friendly with them. He may mention more about his female colleagues. Would quote awkward examples of his other friends cheating. Knock knock! There’s something not right here, ladies!

Mobile freak:

His cellphone becomes the center of his whole world! You would find him using his phone a lot more than usual. Carrying it everywhere with him, even in the bathroom. You’ll sense and see his fear of losing his phone or forgetting it somewhere which is accessible to anyone, especially you! His phone is ringing while he’s in the other room and you, for the sake of being nice so that he doesn’t miss his call, pick up his phone to give it to him would become unacceptable for him. He would never be comfortable with you even touching his phone. 

You’ll notice constant texting but he won’t specify who. You’ll also notice those little awkward smiles on his face while he uses his phone.

Picks up fights:

He would have issues with whatever you do. Things he had always been okay with all of a sudden become unacceptable. He would even pick on your looks, clothes, going out to relax, and all the possible things he can easily create issues on. He would also be very much uncomfortable with you doing nice things for him. He would stop you from doing nice things for him!

Showers you with gifts!

Receiving flowers? Sweet presents? And that too all of a sudden? That’s strange behavior. Husbands, to hide their wrongdoings, would shower their wives with gifts and all the good things. Some women tend to take it positively that maybe things are changing, his behavior is changing, and that too for a good reason. But ladies, you should always keep a check on such unusual behaviors.

Extra hours at work:

All of a sudden there’s an increased workload and he’s coming home late. He appears to be too consumed with office and “official relations” that he wants to spend more time there and less time at home. Even while at home, he appears to be mentally absent. He wants time away from home so that it’s easier for him to speak or spend time with the person he is mingling with!

So, ladies, these were some of the warning signs that show that your husband is cheating on you. However, before reacting emotionally, always talk to your husband. At the same time, trust your instincts, listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Trust your spouse with all your heart, but you’ve got to be vigilant as well.

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