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Why Do Unfaithful Husbands Stay With Their Wives?

Unfaithful husbands are like men living in a castle with all the luxuries, amenities, delicious food served on the table, and everything is done without having to ask or worry about it. Yet, they get a chance to get some extra spice in life. Would they want to kick all of that away? No, right! 

For a man/husband, even if he is unfaithful, his house is like a castle to him. With all the pleasures and comfort he gets at his home, he gets a chance to mingle with someone, he would never want to leave that. For many of us women, this idea appears to be so bizarre. Why does such a cheating man stay married to his wife while two-timing? Let’s talk about that now.

My home is my kingdom!

As I mentioned above, for a husband, his house is his kingdom. He’s known his wife for quite a while; she cooks for him, cleans for him, and also looks after his children. He knows he will not be getting that sort of comfort and leisure elsewhere. I mean, at least it’s not guaranteed that he would and he KNOWS that. He can be selfish enough to be unjust to the person providing him all the love and affection, but he cannot be that dumb enough to let go of his luxuries so easily.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice!

Some men don’t have any solid reason to cheat on their wives, but all they’re looking for is something “new”. They are looking for a break from their usual romance at home. Now they want to give a chance to something different, temporarily! Not because they’ve lost interest in their wives or their home, but because they just want to have some fun without being caught. Whereas for some, they are tired of their forced marriage and are looking for a way out altogether. They would want to stick around for a while till they’re settled with the love of their lives.

All that glitters, is gold!

An unfaithful husband is attracted to the other woman because he hasn’t seen her “real side” as he has seen yours living under the same roof. That temporary attraction offered by the other woman has left a huge influence on his mind. He wants to know the other person up close and satisfy his curiosity. While for some men this is nothing but just a “fetish”. In this case, it’s not like he has lost interest in his wife or there’s some emotional lull in the marriage, he just wants to touch that sparkling glitter. So there’s no reason to give up on his marriage to do that!

Rainbows and Rose’s!

You know when you fall in love, you feel butterflies in your stomach, you feel so good about yourself, you’re loving the attention you’re getting, you’re totally in love with the importance and appreciation given to you by the other person. So there’s that! He wants to feel those “new love” feelings all over again. It is but natural that in a marriage, eventually those butterflies and “love is in the air” become less because you start living more “practically” and “sensibly”. You both tend to get so used to each other and feel some sort of connection between you two that giving up doesn’t seem like a good option! So unfaithful husbands, to satisfy their “new love feels” craving, mingle with someone with whom the only topic of discussion is “romance”.


Children are men’s weakness. Applied to almost all men. Losing them is just not an option for them. The thought of not being able to be a full-time parent haunts them. So basically, there’s no exit plan. They’d rather choose not to get caught, be a good parent, and fake to be a faithful husband while having some fun on the side.

There are some strings attached!

There has to be something that keeps him attracted towards his wife; pulls him towards her. He’s probably very guilty and might be hating on himself for doing whatever he’s doing, and he doesn’t want to let go of his partly perfect marriage. Let’s give a slight benefit of the doubt, some men do get involved in extramarital affairs due to peer pressure! Oh, come on! We all are, to some extent, influenced by our company. So this confused attraction might not be his personal choice. So good news is that he may be still in love with his wife. He wouldn’t want to leave her for something he knows wouldn’t last or bring any benefit in his life once he realizes what a mess he has gotten himself into!

A man’s (or a woman’s) brain has been given this infinite power to think. Hence, some men choose to use it smartly and stay in this bond of marriage while being unfaithful.

Well, do you believe it’s possible to love more than one person at a time?

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