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My Journey From Miss To Mrs.

Do you believe in the concept of an alternate universe? If you do, you would probably understand when I say that living a married life is like living in an alternate universe. So I recently boarded the Mrs. Train and man, was I surprised?! It was like I was pushed from a first-class seat to an economy-class seat!

Being on the Miss train

Being the youngest one, I have had my fair share of being spoiled. Now I was not a brat, but my opinions were heard and respected. If I made a mistake it was overlooked and sometimes replaced with a treat for trying. 

If I was sick, people attended to my needs. I can safely say that food was brought to bed for me. Staying up late for an assignment or work validated my sleeping in late (this did not mean I would not participate in household chores, it just meant I started late).

Ordering food that I craved was an option and not eating a certain cuisine was acceptable too.

I was happy riding on the Miss train when my parents decided that I needed an upgrade (or so they thought) and thus I boarded the Mrs. train!

After boarding the Mrs. train

Now, every girl knows that a married life comes nowhere close to a single life, but nobody can say it would be like walking into an alternate universe. 

I married into a joint family system to the only son. This meant I was the star of the family, a person who was expected to satisfy everyone, a person who was supposed to meet everyone’s expectations 

Hopping onto the Mrs train was a shock wave for me. Gone were the days when I could sleep in a little late even if I had been dealing with a nagging international client the night before. 

I was expected to eat all kinds of cuisines and ordering food for myself was totally out of the question. I was given a code of conduct that I had to adhere to at all times. And my likes and dislikes were tailormade to the needs of the in-laws.

Going out with friends and visiting my parents was done only as per the orders from the headquarters.

What’s next?

I am a passenger on a train that is offering me no customer service. Looking out the window of my train of marriage, I am wondering if I have made the right choice or should I hop on trains? 

My experiences have shaped me to be an anti-marriage person. However, I still believe that there is hope. There are ways in which we can draw a line, explain to people that you are a living being and not a rag doll that could be tossed around. 

It takes time and courage to fight a battle. But believe me when I say, with persistence and perseverance, everything becomes conquerable.

Forfeiting a battlefield is something I don’t believe in. I believe in standing surefooted and facing problems head-on and this is exactly what I would do!

What do you think should be the action plan? Do share in the comments!

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A Fiesty fanatic set out to question everything..Who sets the code of morality? How do you know this is right wrong? Inquisitive, Opiniated, Voluble, Amore, Sophophilic and Epistemophilic...hahahah these are just heavy words for saying I LOVE LEARNING AND GAINING KNOWLEDGE FROM ALL SPHERES OF LIFE!!!

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Beautiful. Moreover its relatable.


Your writing style is really captivating, wishing you a lifetime of happiness ahead!

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