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Balancing Husband’s Duties Towards Wife And Parents

The tension between a woman and her in-laws is imminent, but those differences in opinions are the part and parcel of any relationship. A good husband knows that he is the mediating factor between what may seem like two opposing teams at times but all differences cease to exist when it comes to their shared love for him. The concern for your well being would always be the ceasefire in every world war III they may engage in during the day. So it’s only fair if you keep the peace and love and fulfill your duties as a husband and a son to return the favor they so unconditionally give every day.

A Smile Can Go A Long Way

Always let your wives know that you fully support them in their dreams and their opinions, both financially and emotionally. Remember to be considerate, gentle, and thoughtful because they sacrifice a lot for you every day, so acknowledge and appreciate that, not letting their effort go to waste. A smile can go a long way or maybe a compliment on how good they look to you even with a bare face and a baggy tee. A helping hand here and there wouldn’t hurt either as it’s your house too, or maybe some helpful advice or solution to a work-related issue. Conversing about daily happenings is what gives life to a healthy long-term relationship.

A Woman Who Glows Helps You Grow

Respect is of utmost importance mixed with a healthy dose of trust and faith to ensure smooth sailing. Know that they are doing things to the best of their abilities and if they nag your child too much, they don’t enjoy it but do it because they care. When you respect your spouse’s teachings and methods of upbringing your children respect you. You are a team working day and night for the same end goal – remember that.  

Involve them in everyday and important decision-making, don’t be a Hitler – you can’t pull that off anyway. And if they accidentally mess up one task, don’t forget that that’s just one task out of a hundred they are simultaneously doing, so let them know you are there for them to lean on when things get heavy, be kind. Be their sanctuary and someone they can always confide and find comfort in and watch as they glow. And a woman who glows helps you grow.

They Loved you Before You Loved Yourself

They put a roof over your head, made sure you never went to bed hungry, kissed your bruises, and hugged the pain away. That’s right. Your parents. You can never repay them and the best part is that they don’t want you to either because they love you. So the least you can do is cherish and support them when they need you the most. Make them feel needed in your lives as they have supported you emotionally for so long it might be harder on some days for them to let go and take a back seat, so don’t lose your cool. Spend quality time with them and bask in their wisdom because they do know better. Listen to them as they listened to your childish incoherent blabber even if they didn’t always understand it. They are old, so be patient with them.

Reminisce for their sake, make them laugh and fulfill any small dream or need they have, and watch as all your problems slowly dissipate. Take care of them like they did when you were a helpless bratty infant.

Never Pick Sides

Listen and reason with both sides while maintaining a healthy balance, and when it gets hard, remember how much you love both of them and how they love you back tenfold, and if the Harry Potter franchise has taught us anything that’s the power of true love and how it outweighs all struggle and petty enmity. Life is not a hallmark movie; there are too many lows and not enough ups. But you got this!

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