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05 Tips To Steer Through A Difficult Susral Without Losing Your Sanity

If I say, living in susral is more or less like driving a car, I wouldn’t be wrong. There is traffic coming from all sides, people honking and trying to overtake, jaywalkers ready to sacrifice their lives and blame you. Sometimes you get a ticket even if you haven’t broken any rule. In short, reckless drivers, wet roads, potholes, and bad traffic; you have to steer very carefully if you want to reach home safely.

Susral isn’t any different. I never realized “surviving susral” would be this difficult. However, being a creative thinker, I knew I had to deal with the drama smartly. Although I did get my share of bumps, they taught me great life lessons. Here are 5 tips that will help every married girl steer through her susral like a professional driver.

Tip 01: Keep your distance

Yes, you heard that right. Just like while you are driving, you keep a safe distance from other drivers, when you have landed in susral, keep a safe distance from people around you. Even if everyone seems friendly and good-natured, you will be safe if they turn out otherwise in months to come (which is more probable). I don’t say ‘not to mingle with your in-laws’, just maintain a distance. It also includes keeping your secrets and small talks to yourself.

Tip 02: Give way

You cannot drive thinking the road belongs to you and you cannot survive susral thinking it is your highway. Giving way is very important both on the road and in life. When you get married, it isn’t just the husband you have to deal with. There are people in susral who have different personalities, likes and dislikes. While steering through susral, you need to give people their required space so they can steer easily.

Tip 03: Do not look continuously in the back view mirror

You cannot drive a car while continuously looking in the back view mirror. The same goes for your life in susral; let the bygones be bygones. What happened in the past should stay in the past. If you keep bringing up the bitterness of past events in your present life, you won’t be able to move ahead. No matter how difficult life was, if you keep talking about it in the good times, you will eventually ruin the good times.

Tip 04: Take it slowly

As it is said, “Speed thrills but kills,” so no need to rush in your susral as well. Once you have landed in the susrali territory, take it slowly. You make blunders when you try to rush things. My mother told me one thing and it really helped me. She said, “Talk less and listen more”. When you talk less, you will not say anything that will create problems for you. You need to take time and think before saying anything – the key to success.

Tip 05: Expect the unexpected but know your limits

Life is uncertain. You should be ready for anything and everything. Go well prepared but be ready to tackle the unexpected. Susral is not going to be easy and this is the only certain thing in life. After 16 years of living in susral, I have learned a very important lesson; know your limits. Do only what you can do and learn to say ‘NO’. You cannot listen, work, say, tolerate beyond your capacity so take responsibilities that you can handle. Whenever you do something beyond your capacity, it will break you sooner or later. 

I wish and hope you all get a loving susral but in the end, susral is susral!!

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