Let Their Life Be In Command Of Themselves

What do you want to be when you grow up??? 

Myself ?????  

From the very beginning when we start learning and then writing from the age of 3-4, the first question/essay/creative writing is usually about “my self”

We are asked to imagine and then write who we are, our likes, dislikes, feelings, what do we want to do in life, what do we want to become? 

We start dreaming and feel proud about ourselves and our own identity. 

The question is “do we actually become ourselves”??????

Its always not us but everyone else who wants us to behave, do, like, dislike, and even think according to their belief, likes, dislikes. 

It’s always the undue pressure of every other person we face all our life. 

As parents, with other important things we teach our kids, it’s so important to teach our daughters to be educated, independent, and really strong enough so that no one can play with their minds. 

We don’t teach our daughters how to handle everything maturely and tactfully once they get married. 

Why don’t we teach our daughters to be strong enough to deal with their in-laws if they are unfair in any respect? 

Why do we only teach them to bear everything and keep quiet so that people make them more and more crazy everyday?

It is equally important to teach our sons how to balance their life considering their job, parents, and their own family. Why don’t we teach our sons to be a man and mature enough to deal with his parents and his wife with love and respect? 

Why don’t we teach our sons to take a stand for his wife when his own family makes the circumstances unbearable for the couple? 

“Birds have to leave their nest one day before they can fly”. 

As the kids grow up and step into their practical life and get married, then it is also our duty to let our kids give space so that they can also experience life on their own. 

“We don’t let them enjoy being themselves”

“The concept of MYSELF just goes in the drain”.

“Why do we want to hold their wings forever?”

Many people we meet and see criticizing west with no family life, no moral values, no respect. 

Have we ever thought what’s happening in our society in every second household????

We just close our eyes and become so insensitive thinking it’s not happening with us so why should we care about anything happening with others? 

We can have endless drawing room discussions about women’s rights and even so many religious ladies giving lectures all the time about humanity, rights in Islam but what about their own homes where the same ladies make life hell for their daughters in law? Why don’t they apply the same teachings in their life first? 

Then there are those senseless women who continuously do unnecessary comparisons of their own children and their daughters in law all the time making them feel as miserable as they can. 

Why don’t we as mothers teach our sons to treat their wives with love and respect? 

Why don’t we teach our sons to balance between his parents and wife in a mature way so that no one gets hurt?

Why don’t we appreciate and love our daughters in law the same way we love our own kids? 

Why don’t we give space to our sons so that they can also enjoy their married life and grow as a couple?? 

Why don’t we start trusting our own kids? 

Why don’t we tell our sons to grow up and see their mistakes too instead of blindly believing them? 

Why don’t we teach our sons to respect their wives ‘ opinions too? 

We have to learn to give space to everyone in every relationship. We have to be flexible enough to respect others’ opinions. 

Let everyone be themselves. 

A time comes when one has to let kids be what they are. Don’t hold their wings forever. Let them experience life, enjoy and deal with the ups and downs on their own. 

When it’s time, let their life be in command of themselves. 

“Let them enjoy being themselves”

Stay Happy Feel Beautiful 💕

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My articles reflect the true feelings which I observe and experience. Writing is your only catharsis as it gives you a reason to smile, stay happy and feel beautiful in this journey called life. 💕

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