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Post COVID-19 In Susral

It has always been observed that a tough time brings blood together and can even make long lost relatives come back in contact, worried about how you are doing. So did this pandemic that was, as we all know, contagious and deadly. It spread like fire, leaving the whole world shocked and upset.  Even the people who weren’t medically affected by this were somehow affected. Like the people trying to leave the country, or those who were about to get a promotion or those who were considering to grow their families – in short, each one of us was somehow under the influence of this deadly situation the whole planet had to face. However, now that the lockdown is finished and the COVID fire has settled, let’s see some changes that COVID-19 has brought in our susrali lives (Life in a joint family).

Precautionary measures:

Having heard all the precautionary measures, it has somehow made us all aware and habitual of following them but there is always that one extra careful and kind of wehmi person in susral who would keep on insisting on you washing your hands and who’d keep worrying about not somehow getting infected because of you. They’d tell you to change your shoes outside the house and would sanitize everything inside and would necessarily promote their own efforts they make to keep everyone safe. This role as we all know is usually from the mother in law who’d be hell-bent on proving how careless you are and how she’s the only one who is responsible in the house in front of her laadla son. So saas 1- bahu 0.


Wearing masks is not as popular as it used to be back when the death rate was alarmingly high; however, there is this new rok tok that is customizable just for the bahu and just for the sake of it. Even if the name shamer doesn’t wear them themselves but if you are the bahu of the house be prepared to hear gossip about you being oh so careless for not wearing one. However, on the positive side this just might be the motivation we needed to keep wearing masks.

Never-ending gossip:

Gossip and loads and loads of pending gossip that women were not so able to do during the lockdown because of the presence of the male members in the house are now on the loose. Also, the lockdown that turned every susral into a big boss controversial house has also added oil to the fire of these gossip seasons.  The mothers-in-law are now busy trying to let out each and every gossip they can post COVID-19.

Dirty pregnancy jokes:

Assuming that the lockdown was only for the purpose of inventing babies is so common. Everyone would go on and ask, “Abhi bhi khushkhabri nahi? Ab toh mauqa bhi tha.” Memes about how everyone is going to be pregnant post COVID had already been circulating during the pandemic and then the celebrity baby rains have added more to the thrill of people wondering about every married couple’s sex life along with their baby plans. The jethani ki behan you don’t even like will come and ask such kind of questions and you’ll just have to try to kill her off with a smile.

What changes have you been witnessing in your susrali lives these days? Comment below and let’s interact.

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