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Dealing With The Susralis (In-laws) When Your Husband Is Traveling For Work

Packing- check

Passport- check

Alarm- check

In-laws- HELP!

Being a wife of a man whose business relies heavily on traveling, trust me when I say this, “Missing your partner doesn’t even cover what we wives go through when the better half leaves for a trip.”

Dealing with susralis when your husband leaves is like playing a part in the game of thrones. 

Let’s dive into why this is a big challenge and not just a cliche. I have divided the issues into three categories:

The weeping session

Your husband is leaving, and all you want is to give him a goodbye hug. While you contemplate the situation, you get budged into a corner by an overzealous nephew (sister-in-law’s son) who throws himself on your man and gives him a list of goodies he wants. With a heavy heart, you hold your tears and turn around to find the in-laws crying while simultaneously judging you for being so cold-hearted. 

Like a dedicated Bahu (daughter-in-law), you are expected to give everyone water or juice depending on the level of sorrow your in-laws have. Then comes the meal. You serve the meal, hardly have a bite or two, and return to an empty room.

While your heart feels burdened, you are yet to oblige and be the dutiful daughter-in-law. All chores are done as per routine and you get some time to lay down and rest. But, alas! the nephew has some plans of his own. In he comes with a bike, crashing your favorite decoration piece. 

This does it for you all those tears that have been welling up inside come out like a stream. While everyone gives you water and wipes your tears, a physical expression is given where you feel bad about crying and ruining the evening.

What could you do about it?

Start crying before your hubby leaves. Obviously, it is a downer when your partner leaves. Instead of holding your tears, start crying whenever you feel like it. Trust me when I say this, this saves a lot of embarrassment in case of later outbursts and you are not even considered cold-hearted. A perfect win-win strategy.

The agony

Now that your hubby has left, you have lesser responsibilities on your plate. This could often mean you are expected to do “other” chores around the house. While you haven’t had a good night’s sleep all alone in the bedroom, waking up to some extra work can really put off your mood.


Plan a visit to your Maika (parents’ house). This works best as it gives you time to unwind and away from the Susral (in-laws). Plus your husband isn’t there so you wouldn’t have to worry about fulfilling his responsibilities.

However, if your husband’s travel plans are long, you would have to come back eventually and deal with reality. 

If that’s the case, try to stay incognito. Don’t get involved in heated arguments, keep a safe distance from drama, and keep yourself occupied. The last thing you would need is getting amidst a fight and having no one to protect you or hug you as you cry your heart out.

Even Though our Susralis (in-laws) are meant to be our parents, let’s be honest, no one can take their place. Moreover, there is always that one person who is ready to pick a fight. If your Susral has one of those members, stay as far away as possible. The best way to do this is to stay quiet, eat your words and be extra cautious of what you say.

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