Finance or Failure? You Choose

Why is financial standing important?

Quite often, the highlighted question for a potential groom is always about his earning. Why? It is because money has always been a crucial element to a sustained married life. If you are unable to earn a good income, chances are you’ll either compromise on the basic needs or will have to work extra hard to withstand your relationship.

The solution to financial issues?

Every problem has a solution and today we are going to address that. 

So, you and I have seen many self-made couples who rose from scratch and have built pretty stable careers. Their success stories are so inspiring that we listen to them in awe but unfortunately, never learn from them. 

The result? Underprivileged societies, broken marriages, and repetitive patterns. 

In this article, I am going to share with you the stories of four women. 

Read till the end and decide which category you fall into. 

Take measures accordingly. If you wish, of course. 

But before you begin reading, please understand that these stories are solely written for resolving financial restraints. Physical beauty standards aren’t paid any attention because of their irrelevance here. Your attractiveness has nothing to do with the kind of financial support you will get from your husband.

What can be done… some examples!!!

01. Nadia, a girl with a graduate degree, gets married to Hasan who doesn’t earn much and has a tough life. Nadia is a patient woman and practices gratitude daily. She strongly believes that her marriage will turn the tide. The couple doesn’t have kids yet. So they sit together and decide to sort out their financial affairs. 

  • Since Nadia wants a better future and luxuries, she tries to contact her social circle for any available job befitting her expertise. 
  • Nadia can explore the stock market. Even with no experience, the internet is her savior. 
  • Nadia can choose to work in a school if she likes teaching. 
  • Nadia can run a blog. 
  • Nadia can learn to code. The market for technical experts lacks MASSIVELY.

02. Aliya is well-educated and holds a bachelor’s degree. Her husband, Mumtaz, suffers financial losses from time to time. The couple has 4 beautiful children. One day, it occurs to Aliya that she should utilize her degree and bring in some cash; to be a productive spouse and a role model for her kids. 

  • Aliya can choose to work at a school or a training center, provided she can handle her kids there. 
  • Aliya can make investments in an online business. 
  • Aliya can start a home-food venture. 
  • Aliya can try her expertise at selling goods online, and uses Instagram for that purpose which helps a lot. 
  • Aliya can choose to learn a new language and practice remote teaching.

03. Uzma is a housewife and couldn’t get much education due to certain factors. Her father gets her married to Sikandar, a good guy with weak financials. Uzma loves her husband and can go to lengths to put her share in the marriage. The couple doesn’t have kids yet. What can Uzma do to bring in cash inflow? 

  • Uzma can get expertise in a salon and bridal make-over – a great investment. 
  • Uzma can learn a craft and sell it for a good price. 
  • Uzma can give home tuitions to junior or primary classes.
  • Uzma can open a food joint.
  • Uzma can learn to sew and land a job at a good boutique. It pays a lot.

04. Fariha is less educated but a patient woman. She loves her husband, Badar, a lot. The couple has 3 beautiful children and wishes to give them a beautiful life ahead. Fariha can pretty much adapt to Uzma with certain exceptions being:

  • Fariha can learn organic DIY solutions to modern problems, making scented candles or selling organic vegetables from a farm. Trust me, people pay for this – a lot. 
  • Fariha can always try her hands at selling homemade food.
  • Fariha can learn henna art. The parlors need these experts – all the time. 
  • Fariha can design clothes or learn to weave sweaters or jackets.
  • Fariha can let her children model for locally made shoes or a clothing line.


If you’ve read this far, congratulations, you’ve learned many ideas to sustain yourself in the market and make your first financial move. 

Bismillah. Now go and sort out with your husband what you wish to achieve considering who you relate to… Nadia, Aliya, Uzma or Fariha. 

Also, don’t rely a hundred percent on your spouse for catering your needs all the time. Yes, a man is your protector and sustainer but there is no harm in contributing to your household if you have the ability- if you want to, of course. No pressure. 

I launched my website when I was 19 years old and 21 when I finished my first novel and began working on the second one. For me, that was a huge achievement and will forever be. But what made me do that? I learned to recognize my strength and the area I truly loved working in. 

Women, these days, are empowered like anything and it’s their job to mold according to the need of society. You and your husband must be on the same financial understanding to live a flourished marital bliss. Otherwise, each day will begin with a bang of credit card transactions where you’ve chosen to; out of boredom, purchase useless crockery or the table lamp you never needed. 

Learn to dilute extra expenses and begin saving for the rainy days. Not every problem comes with an announcement. It’s better you take out your journal and plan a great life. Trust me, it’ll do you good. You needn’t thank me either. It will be enough comfort having sorted someone’s marriage. Even life! Who knows? 

I look forward to you not letting that unannounced announcement turn into a futile annoyance. 

Make your man proud!

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Mariya Ansari

I agree with your article but if your in-laws or your husband doesn’t allow you to do job, then what should we do? You just focused on one problem of marriage there are thousands of problems remaining…….. 😉