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Post-Marriage Blues!

Celebrating love, marriage, and togetherness with family is a beautiful sentiment, and we all feel the need of holding onto this memory forever. But the real misery begins when the post-marriage blues start hitting you hard. As for a woman, it is a whole new experience. From leaving behind my family to adjusting to a new family, it is a rollercoaster ride of endless emotions. My constant mood swings and horrible behavior surprised me, but let’s admit it, post-wedding depression is real.

Mixed feelings

As a girl, I feel it takes me some time to process my feelings. The idea of living with the new family and not having my family around is disturbing. This transition period consists of mixed emotions, and this sadness is a constant feeling. I miss my room, my bed, and my bathroom!

Family gatherings

I have been labeled as the least troublesome person in the family, but now whenever I see my family partying without me, I feel angry. Whenever any of my siblings send me the pictures, I react. Overreact, sometimes, and this is not normal.

Words hit like arrows

When I am sad, I twist the meaning of what another person is saying and that is where words start hitting like arrows. I know this is not the way forward, but maybe I am not feeling myself.


Right after my wedding days were over, I realized what I was missing the most every day was my comfort food made by my mom. Every time I call her, my first question is, “What is for food today?” Damn, I miss her food so much.

My husband

My tantrums and mood swings are sometimes beyond my control, and I often feel sorry for my poor husband. He tries his best to make me feel better and positive, but there remains a constant emptiness in my heart.

Unorganized me at work

Now that the wedding and honeymoon period is over, I am back to work, and I feel lost to the core. My attention is divided all over the place, and I cannot concentrate properly. I feel unproductive and uncreative.

This was the time when I realized I needed to seek professional help, and if not that, I needed space. Space from people, space from my thoughts, and space from constant over-thinking. I knew running away from my thoughts and feelings won’t take me anywhere. Unfortunately, the concept of professional help in our society is not widely accepted, and it is still a luxury illness. I discussed my thoughts with my close friends, shared my reservations with my husband and family, and gave my mind some time to heal. 

To all those who are suffering, understand that post-marriage depression is real, and don’t let others tell you how you are feeling. Talk out your reservations because this is the key to a happy and healthy marriage. While every new day may seem like a new challenge, restart, and begin again. 

Share your thoughts below, and stay tuned!

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