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A Freelancer Daughter-In-Law

What’s next to the world to produce an ‘all in one bahu’? The problem of in-laws has been sorted out that their bahus aren’t doing full-time office-based jobs anymore! But the question is, ‘will you tolerate her alternative method of making her dreams come true?’ 

You don’t have any other option to restrict and criticize her but you know what? It’s been your hobby to not let her enjoy life. 

Let me remind you how empowering she has been tolerating the hurdles made by your society for her.

She is a full-time house-wife

Wonder to read? Yes, you probably have a question in your mind that how can a working woman be a full-time housewife? But it’s a reality! Society doesn’t want her to rest and she doesn’t want to drop off her dreams, so yeah! She is managing both together. 

But wait, have you ever seen a full-time house-husband and a working man in one? Probably not! But the most astonishing part is that you never thought about this. Even your senses and mind didn’t ever fluctuate to think about it.

Cooldown! It’s not your fault, it’s the fault of our society. We produce men to be kings who are not supposed to do the house chores while the women are supposed to always sacrifice their dreams and careers for the sake of their men and society.

She is a full-time nanny and caretaker

It’s not an easy task to take care of little ones while working from home but she can’t complain because she knows that she has to listen to the most toxic and repeated sentence “Every girl does this, you’re not special.” Hence, she has no other option so yeah, she is empowered! She is doing double work just to not drop off her career.

She is her husband’s support

In the contemporary world, no support is bigger than financial support. Your freelancer daughter-in-law is now the backbone of your husband in meeting his financial responsibilities. Don’t you think that it is a very big deal to be someone’s financial support even when it is not their responsibility?

She is a bright future of the world

You might hear that “our son will be our pride” or sometimes “our daughter will be our pride” but did you ever think that your daughter-in-law can also be your pride? You just need to give her space by ignoring societal pressure. The token of appreciation your son deserves, equally deserves your daughter-in-law from you. What if you stop thinking about what people will say? What if you normalized the things for the happiness of your son? It just requires an aptitude and stable personality which is also not a characteristic of everyone.

It’s very easy to be a professional but it requires a lot of support to stay on what you are. If the right person supports you, no one would be able to beat you for your achievements. Keep in mind as you sow, so shall you reap.

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