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How Can A Working Bahu Deal With Her Unsupportive Susralis?

Formula: Give and Take

Due to the daily needs and rising prices of commodities, it gets difficult for everyone to fulfill the basic needs of living. God has created nothing useless in this world. Men and women are equal, and women have the natural capability to help when needed. So in times of need, a wife gets ready to support her husband.

Once a woman is supportive of her husband and loves him, the Susralis also feel relaxed and start praising their bahu (daughter-in-law).

If unsupportive in-laws lack in one thing, they are good in other matters. There is a give-and-take formula- you give respect to them, they will love you in return.

In a joint family system, many expectations are from bahu, that she should be fulfilling her responsibilities. Moreover, she can do the following things in case the Susralis are not supportive.

1) If the bahu is working, she can arrange a cook(with the consent of her husband) or a helper for the in-laws.

2) Bahu can give her family time on weekends and holidays.

3) She can give gifts on birthdays to her in-laws.

4) She can remain quiet or divert her mind from doing other things.

5) She should also love and care for them like her parents.

6) She can cook food on the weekends.

7) The bahu can try to be friends with Susralis- a balanced way that does not exceed the limit.

8) If the Susralis are unsupportive in one thing, they might be supportive in other things.

9) Thinking patterns should be changed.

10) It’s good for the bahu to remain quiet and smiling.

11) Only you can make yourself happy. No one can gift happiness to you.

12) Anger is a natural phenomenon. So it is important to control it because once it is finished, the person feels guilty.

13) If the Susralis are unsupportive, the wife can keep herself in contact with her parents and can discuss. Better communication can bring better results.

14) Bahu should communicate with her in-laws about their expectations and what she should do.

15) Pampering her husband and in-laws.

16) Only that bahu is successful who has made her mind according to the living pattern of her in-laws.

So, dear bahu, live happily and seek guidance from God as it is the solution to unsupportive Susralis.

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