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“Khushkhabri Kab Sunao Gi?” – Handling The Social Pressure To Have A Baby

Saas: Khushkhabri kab sunaogi, bahu?

Newlywed Bahu: *Blushing with a smirk on her face*

Ever wondered why Bahus feel alienated when asked, “Khushkhabri kab sunao gi?” Let’s wonder, just because it takes courage to take the responsibility of a child and the accountability associated with it. Just because you are prone towards the ‘consequences of a kid peeing in your lap’ doesn’t fascinate the newlywed bahu anymore.

Breaking stereotypes:

Being a millennial, it’s hard to decide between having a child due to peer pressure or not having a child due to other reasons whatsoever. But, the first and foremost question that pops up in the head of newlywed bahu is, “How to tackle such horrific yet not so horrific questions?”

Tips to tackle the question, ‘Khushkhabri kab sunao gi?’:

Tackle like Keanu Reeves dodged the bullets in the movie ‘Matrix’. Most significantly, don’t pay heed to them.

Trust me, it gives immense pleasure to ignore such nuts. However, there is no rule of thumb to deal with such Susrali syndromes rather than just ignoring the presence of a person asking “Khushkhabri kab sunao gi?”.  Nevertheless, it’s not always Susralis who are inclined towards having your Kaka or Kaki but the neighbors. Susralis are more like family, an extended version of the family, somehow always curious to know about ‘behind the scene’ stories. Who is not interested to know by the way? Almost everyone is curious to know about Khushkhabri…

Let’s take it positively (Pun intended):

Once upon a time, there was an era (remember your birth-date?) when newlywed couples used to have ample time to reproduce a mini version of them just to check their level of patience. But this is the era of high-tech gadgets and advancements where newlywed Bahus are more inclined towards their career, figure, and maintenance. Why would someone prefer to have a tiny toddler just to get their attention diverted from the important tasks to do in life? Well, if you want to be healed you should see a kid smiling and let that kid smile – always. One should not have a child just because you are tired of listening to “Khushkhabri kab sunao gi?”. A child comes with great responsibility. The smile of kids is a great healer for people dealing with any sort of trauma. However, kids shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In a nutshell, life comes with small packages of surprises and shocks. When receiving surprises like a good and caring Susral, one shouldn’t pay heed to such questions. Even though, these types of questions can be dealt with ultimate jocularity. Since we are living in an era where we don’t want to live in peace neither want others to die in peace, if someone is having a baby or not; that too after nine months of their marriage, let them decide. If someone is not willing to answer such questions, respect their decision. Not everyone is supposed to have their personal space invaded. Live and let live.

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Jaweria Ibrahim

Well written Unaiza!


Very useful article…keep updating us with such information


Good job! Keep it up girl


Kamal , Very well written 👍🏽👍🏽🤲🏻🤲🏻


Well written bete. Its contained sound and practical advise.

Muhammad Hassam Siddiqui

On Point

Ushna Rafiq

Loved the development. Looks like you wrote it after dissolving the scene in yourself.

Sikander rizvi

Deep pace.. Good to see these thoughts in this era❤

Nazish Islam

Very well-written! ♥️


loved it!!! ❤

Ayesha Rehan

Such a wonderful piece of writing. Love your gritty humour. Keep it up