Parental Comparison Between Working Women And Housewives

There is a general trend in our society of comparing working mothers with stay-at-home housewife mothers and the bigger presumption is that a working mother is not a good mother, however, today we will try to go in detail of this comparison and do through unbiased analysis.

Career-Oriented Mother

A working mother is a woman with the ability to combine a career with the added responsibility of raising a child. As a parent and a career-oriented mother you have to go through some difficult tasks like finding someone reliable to take care of the children in your absence, also you’d be risking being able to provide healthy homemade motherly food for your child, and then comes dealing with the physiological effect on the child due to the absence of the mother. The bonding between the parent and the child is also sometimes compromised. But on the bright side, earning is important for securing the bright future of your child. Bearing the child’s quality educational expenses also becomes easy if both the mother and father are earning well.  If the child is a daughter, the mother becomes a role model for the child and having a strong independent person to look up to as an inspiration is very important and it has a positive effect on the personality development of the child. When a woman is working her children are built-in with the system to adapt with different people and learn dealing with others at a very early age as compared to the children who are always surrounded by their own parents and don’t learn dealing with a third person, turning out to be the illogical mama’s princess.

Housewife Mother

A housewife mother is a mother, whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework. Being a housewife seems to be an easy job in comparison to being a woman. However, it is also a very big responsibility. You have to look after your house, cook healthy food, take care of laundry and also look after your child. Housewives can be both educated as well as uneducated but the fact that house moms are not preoccupied by their job gives them a chance to keep a closer eye on their child. They also get a better chance of making their child know that they will always be there for the child and develop a friendship bond with the child.

Also, it’s not easy to manage a household 24/7, and most of the time those who are involved might not recognize their effort and just take them for granted which ends up giving them mental pressure aside from the physical pressure they go through while taking care of their houses and children. Some cons, however, are that children don’t get much exposure, stay-at-home mothers are usually indulged in gossiping during their leisure time which leaves a bad effect on the child, and they might start developing a rebellious nature due to feeling suffocated by all the close keeping of the mother.


Keeping all facts aside, I believe both working women and housewives work really hard for their children and there is no fair way to come to a conclusion on which is better, however, both should be appreciated and acknowledged. Parenting if done right and with responsibility is a huge task and both working mothers and stay-at-home mothers work day and night for their children. 

May Allah bless all the mothers and their children Amen, what’s your take on the debate? Comment below and let us know.

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