Love Marriage – Satan or Saint?

Love is a language that not just humans but plants and even nonliving things can understand. Numerous discoveries have proven plants having balanced cycles and bearing more fruit through love. Likewise, countless studies have shown wild animals getting tamed and conquered through love. Love is power, passion, a force to break through any jail, boundary, or societal standard – a force significant enough to help people know their Creator. And now that we’ve mentioned the Creator, let’s redirect ourselves to His supreme creation. Yeah. You. A human. A beautiful human. 

We all know that apart from daily food and shelter, humans need love. You can easily survive hate, agony, ego, jealousy, and deceit as these evils never come single-handed but invite other troubles as well. Yeah, that’s what you get when you don’t get married by choice. Kidding. Go, get that glass of cold water. Calm the hype. But what is that one thing you need to survive, other than water? Love.

Love always comes alone, stands alone, fights alone, and never subsides. No, I am not referring to the boyfriend who recharges your phone or the classmate who cuts his vein for you. Love is a powerful thing and it’s not defined by what the person offers you materialistically but by how you understand his emotions without a word. Love has always attracted love and if you happen to be in a situation that’s too mismatched for your liking, just increase the dosage of love. It will help heal all the wounds and amass enough courage to smoothly sail your boat in the low tides of life.

Pros of love marriage

Now that we are pumped with love, let’s fulfill the purpose of why you began reading this article in the first place. Tighten the seat belt and let me tell you the pros of love marriage. Of course, you don’t have to agree with my perspective but there is no harm in knowing another POV anyway. Put the glass down and read on.

Peace of Mind

Knowing the person and his nature before marriage, you can make peace with the disturbances that would’ve, otherwise, shaken your soul in disgust. But because you love him, you’re already predicting outcomes. This creates a healthy marriage where two people understand each other and live in a contented space of having the spouse of their dreams. Also, when you make adjustments for him, the chances of you losing your identity fall less than of an arranged marriage where you barge in an unfamiliar household and put on a brave smile when your heart tells you to quit. Love marriage may be a hard choice to make but conflicts don’t last in love marriage. Always remember that.

Better intimacy

This aspect is the backbone of love marriage and one of the most important reasons why you fantasize to be with him, make out and work for a better future. There is nothing wrong with it. Relax. Humans are created to crave intimacy. To feel that they belong; in someone’s life, in someone’s prayers, and obviously in someone’s arms. Research has proven that healthy sex leads to a beautiful exploration of interests and lifestyle preferences and the more relaxed of mental space you’ll be with him, the more fulfilling your intimacy will be – unlike, a typical arranged marriage, where spouses, out of discomfort, only get affectionate when they plan to bring a new life into the world. That’s wrong. It may be the fact that your partner likes being more intimate but you run low on that. And because the marriage was arranged, they suppress their need and may, either get into an extramarital affair or satisfy themselves. Both ways, sin. Avoid it.

Less unexpected trauma

Because you’ve already experienced ups and downs, you’re less likely to shed tears over petty issues. For instance, you may get upset over him for not wearing your favorite perfume but you won’t stay mad about it forever. Love marriage lets you easily accept individual facts and substantially decreases the possibility of running your spouse onto your finger. It helps you stay more gentle and patient towards him because your heart chose him and the choices your heart makes, you don’t break them. You keep them close. Safe. Forever. Just the way they are.

Behavioral shift

Love marriage gives you enough space to adjust to his mindset and avoid unnecessary conflict. Because the situation already happened a lot of times before marriage, and nobody likes to cry over spilled milk, you get over things maturely. You talk about issues bothering you. You explain your needs better. You don’t get offended over minor stuff. Yes, you may put that one can’t get upset over what they don’t know. I agree. Ignorance is bliss. But it’s also cruel to live your life with someone you can’t share your mind and soul with. There is a reason why the term ‘soulmate’ exists. Google still has its definition. You can confirm yourself. Welcome.


So, now let me wrap up the discussion by shamelessly announcing that I wholeheartedly support love marriage because of what it offers. Growth, peace, happiness, intimacy, and a lot of children. Ignore the last part if you’ve fixed the number in your head already. But, let me tell you, children are beautiful. 

Now, coming to the other perspective, it’s okay to meet your spouse before marriage as it helps affix the idea of who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Sudden surprises aren’t always good to look at, let alone keeping for life. Yeah, we all have heard stories of couples seeing each other the first time on their wedding night and our elders lashing out with these prime examples of how their marriages have sustained the test of time. They haven’t. The sustainability was because of less social media, decreased or almost non-existential mobility, more households, and fewer career choices. The world they spent their lives in, has changed and it was always predictable that societies would change. They have. But make no mistake in understanding that I support love marriage, not love relationships which most youngsters are engaged in. Nobody is interested in meeting you at the café or giving you class notes. It’s too boring now. Excite me by proposing that you’ve always wished to have a partner like me. That I bring sunshine to your life. That you wish to have a family with me in a halal way. So, my lovelies, ditch the old and get married because you want to share your interests with someone who has so much interest in you. Not because you need to get the title of a married woman. Just as love attracts love, toxicity brings evil and shatters a generation. Don’t do that to yourself. It’s rather safe to stay single and dream about a man than to sleep with your spouse and dream about another man. You’ll save yourself much trauma and emotional instability if you decide to choose your heart over your mind. In fact, the way you’ll be glowing when getting married to the man of your dreams, you’ll even save yourself the expense of a highlighter.

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Mariya Ansari

Agreed! 👍very well written ❤️


Was it necessary to mention about sex? Btw you are outstanding girl