Pre-Marriage Advices

Men Matter

Anything that once made you smile is worth keeping and fighting for. 

No, it doesn’t mean the prevalence of toxicity but standing up for choices. Choices that once fluttered your heart and introduced an ocean of hope. Choices that shattered societal views and led to clear paths of love and happiness. 

Whoever you love, should be loved to an extent to never get bored or tired of the mundane. Someone who you can be crazy and naughty with. Such is the bond of marriage. A process of a lifetime. A work of God. 

There will be instances when you’d feel like giving up or not giving anything at all, but that’s where the test lies. That’s where patience, perseverance, and resilience take birth from. There would be days when your partner would give his 10% but it must also be the day you practice to give your 90%, without a judgment, without regret, in its entirety. Because when you choose someone, you look past their imperfections as well as your own insecurities. You choose to be with them for the emotional value they add to your life. The bond, shine, beauty, and joy they bring to your life is worth more than the universe for the universe isn’t made of matter, but love. 

Ask any sane man about marriage and you will most likely hear acceptance. Acceptance of flaws but still choosing to look at the bright side. When choosing a partner, be not like a fly whose only choice remains to sit on dirt, leaving all behind. When choosing a partner, always listen to your heart because it knows the way. There is a reason why hearts are given the privilege to supply life, nurture the body, and keep us going. 

Tell me why your heartbeat increases when you see your person. Yes. It’s your heart guiding the way. That’s also the reason why our parents are still enjoying their marital bliss because they didn’t allow their eyes to land on every pretty thing. That’s why our generation is suffering because they have let physical appearances or financial statuses be the benchmark of choosing a life partner. 

Remember my advice: any marriage built on a pillar other than good character will always fall apart. Always.

Please go after the vibe when you feel it. Fight for that soulmate. Stand your ground. Have patience. Purify the intention. And watch miracles happen before your eyes. 

It’s okay to fall. It’s okay to not feel okay. But it’s never okay to give up on someone you love. 

Work out on your partner’s expectations and don’t always expect men to always uphold the fortress of your marriage. You are as much a part of this process as they are. 

Men cry too. 

They also get scared when it gets dark.

Their hearts also flinch hearing the thunder. 

They secretly abuse themselves for not meeting the expectations. 

Please let this day be the start you appreciate the men in your life. Tell them you love them. Appreciate their presence because one day, they will be no more.

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