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Things Not To Say Before You Get Married To Your Prince Charming When In A Relationship

Aren’t relationships dreamy? While you hold each other’s hands and make plans for the future, you may even go and blurt out a deal-breaker. If you have been in a relationship with a prince charming and want to avoid foot in mouth situations, here are a few things you should not say before you get married to your prince charming.

01. I don’t like your family

There are so many times when you absolutely love your man, but you just can’t deal with the family! It could be the overbearing mother or a super narcissistic sister. Whichever that is, make sure to keep your lips sealed. You wouldn’t want to scare the guy away. 

Don’t voice out your concerns, once on the battlefield, you would know the strategy better.

02. I would be the one who wears the pants in the family

Every guy needs to be the dominant one. If you have a dominating personality, hold back till after the wedding. I am not saying to be the stubborn one, but let the wedding be and then you would be in a better position to negotiate your viewpoints and have a better position to argue.

03. My family comes first

We all love our families, be it our super annoying siblings or our mama hen. However, you wouldn’t want your special someone to enter a power struggle with them. Keep your views down a notch, and try to create a balance. Put across your point subtly and draw the line whenever needed. You don’t always have to put everything out in words, many times a few gestures do the work!

04. I will never compromise on the beauty sleep

We all hate waking up early in the morning especially when it is for someone else. Now you may be madly in love, but come on, your beauty sleep is irreplaceable. Never tell your potential husband the relationship you have with the snooze button. 

Trust me when I say this, the last thing you want is for your fiance’ to think you are lazy.

05. I love going crazy at Sephora

Just like some things are self implied, your shopping spree should be a part of the deal. You have been on various dates, right? Your fiance’ knows how you love to dress up and wear makeup. Well, you look pretty for him, and that comes with a price. But you don’t need to show the shopaholic in you. 

There is a high chance he already knows or that you would tone down after having a big fat wedding.

06. Your ex.

Never in the life of you, talk about an Ex. if you had a close friend or were intimate with someone and your present fiance knows about it, never talk about them. Even if you come across them, try not to acknowledge their presence. The last thing you need is a self-complexed partner who has trust issues and insecurities.

Now before you go on ranting about how we should be open to each other. Tell me, would you like to hear any of this from your partner? No, right? Put yourself in their shoes and think what your words would do to them.

That being said, all of these things shouldn’t be said out of wisdom rather than betrayal. Once married, many new things unfold and you may find these petty and worthless. Why talk about them today and ruin the beautiful future that you have? 

You have the whole life ahead of you, everything comes at the right time and so would your terms too. So for now, bite your tongue and take a deep breath!

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