Pre-Marriage Advices

Things You Should Ask Your Future Spouse

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you have to spend your whole life in the company of a person with a completely different life approach and conflicting point of view? Let us tell you the answer to this question. You both would have a disastrous life with lots of complications and differences.

Marital life is like a roller coaster of emotions, trauma, sacrifices, love, empathy, self peace, and self-satisfaction. ‘Understanding’ is the major pillar in the building of stability and prosperity. To maintain a healthy relationship in the future with your spouse, one needs to share and discuss every possible aspect of their life before marriage.

Following are the five major key points one needs to discuss with his/ her future better half before getting married.

  1. Religious beliefs
  2. Political beliefs
  3. Financial Stability
  4. Likes and dislikes
  5. Perspectives about a “Life Partner”

01. Religious beliefs:

The religious beliefs of a person affect his life a lot. Couples with different religious beliefs face many problems and conflicts in their lives, and handling them requires patience and self-control, so it’s better to ask your future spouse about their faith and religious beliefs before engaging or indulging yourself in a marital relationship.

02. Political views:

Just like religious beliefs, political views matter a lot in marital life. Although it seems not as important, it has a vital role in creating a healthy and happy relationship. Couples with different political stances find it difficult to share their perspectives and views as it requires tolerance and self-control to hang on in such conflicting relationships.

03. Financial stability:

We know many people misunderstand it as a materialistic approach and find it quite rude to ask, but it isn’t actually. Thinking about your secure future and asking your life partner about it is not at all wrong. Living a happy, secure, and economically sound life is everyone’s dream. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you must clear all your priorities to your future spouse. This will not only save you from clashes in your married life but also portray you as a credible person.

04. Likes and dislikes:

If you are a family man/ woman then the likes and dislikes of your life partner matter for you. Most couples fight due to a lack of interest in each other’s activities, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Asking your future companion about their lifestyle, priorities, and pastimes helps you in maintaining a healthy relationship with them in the future. Moreover, opening up about your limits, telling them about your concerns, and sharing with them the matters on which you cannot compromise, helps in taking an appropriate decision about your life.

05. Perspectives about a “Life partner”:

Getting married and having an ideal life partner is everyone’s dream. Asking your future companion about their “ideal life partner” or telling them about yours helps you both. While doing all this, just be considerate and always remember no one is perfect – you and your partner both have flaws. It not only saves you from future distress but also provides you with a foundation to rethink and reconsider your relationship with them.

Final thought:

Life is a journey full of ups and downs. In this journey, you need a sincere, honest empathetic, and caring life partner who can support you in every thick and thin. The above-mentioned points are some genuine reasons that can create some serious issues in your marital life, so it’s better to discuss them with your partner wholeheartedly and with a broad-minded approach before indulging yourself in a marital relationship.

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Usama Shah

Very good piece of writing….

Shiza umer

Great! These are the basic and important steps we should take before marriage! Well described! Appreciated!