Pre-Marriage Advices

Tips For a “Bride-to-be” For Evaluating A Potential Rishta/ Proposal

Do you feel scared, anxious or excited, when it comes to assessing a potential Rishta, being a bride-to-be? It is always exciting to know that someone will choose you and celebrate your existence in their life. However, the perks of evaluating Rishta(s) come with a few pros and cons. Rather than how you feel at “The Rishta Parade”, it is more important to know how to react. 

Here are some common concerns of every bride-to-be when it is her time for “The Rishta Parade”:

Am I looking fat?

Am I looking skinny?

Am I looking human or not?

But, they never think if it is going to work or not. 

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Girl, fry the samosas, not your brain:

Filter your thoughts. If it is not necessary, don’t think about it much. Don’t think if you are looking good or not. Don’t think if it is going to be the final call or not. Just sit back and relax! Not that much. A Bride-to-be overthinks when it comes to ‘The Rishta Parade’, which is not imperative. How you look will become a secondary matter when it comes to a destined call. Even if you would be looking like a potato, someone is going to choose you for the originality, if it will be your final call. If it is not your final call, someone is going to make an excuse even if you would be looking like Katrina Kaif. Rishta call or not, Selfie is a must.

Do take your sweet time but don’t caramelize it:

When it is the right time, your matters will be aligned by the will of Allah, the Almighty. Also, when Allah is there to guide you and help you throughout the matters of life, then there is no need to be worried about worldly affairs. However, showing Machiavellianism is not always an answer to the question. Being a bride-to-be, various factors affect sound health, and eventually, it hits the triggered point of the nerves to panic. Panic attacks can be worsening the situation rather than making things aligned.

In a nutshell:

Keeping it sweet and short, a bride-to-be can assess the potential Rishta after taking help and assistance from Allah, the Almighty. This is because Allah’s plans are way better than the wisdom of the people who often think highly of themselves. Nevertheless, for the bride-to-be, her parents are the ultimate resort to rescue from such situations that could be troublesome. A piece of simple, yet friendly advice for every bride-to-be is to keep their mental health at priority, rest will be assured.

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