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Anonymous Bahu #01 Struggles With Susrali Issues – Episode 01 (06-07-2020)

Hey readers,

Today I am going to tell you my susral’s story. It has multiple episodes and towards the end of the story I want you guys to suggest to me what steps I should take.

Disguise at rishta time:

I was a very happy, social and fun loving child of my parents after becoming a dentist, my rishta search started and after that we met my husband’s family. At the first meeting just after going home, my saas said ‘yes’ and after that she used to call us daily to acknowledge what our answer was, but we were investigating it. So after investigating we told them that we would meet the guy first. The day we had to meet the guy, they came all prepared for baat pakki. They asked us what our answer was and my parents told them ‘yes’ and they started giving me gifts, money and gajray. We were a bit shocked because we didn’t have an engagement yet; we just had a baat pakki, so we thought that they would come for proper ‘baat pakki’ again, but no they just finalized things then and there! so I got baat pakkified. My saas used to call us daily being all nice and when she used to come to meet us, she used to be very nice to me saying “meri aik beti gaye to dosri arhi hai” and all that. My mother was definitely the happiest woman thinking I got the best susral…

Shocked at the time of rukhsati:

Then came the day of my rukhsati. Before rukhsati my saas asked me to give my purse to her so I get to meet my family easily at rukhsati time. I gave it to her; just to mention I didn’t cry at my rukhsati and controlled just because I thought my family would cry more if I did so. Just after my car moved a bit from the hall, I started crying and my saas started asking me, “Where is your purse?” I politely told her that I had given it to her before rukhsati and she bluntly refused it on my face. That time I was shocked. I didn’t know how to react. I just told her, “Let me search for it and I found my purse with her bags.” To this she said, “Oh! I forgot…”

Drama after honeymoon:

Then after a week before leaving for my honeymoon, my saas asked me to give her all my gold jewellery, because I don’t have a locker. Me being a good bahu, gave her all of my gold jewellery and left for the honeymoon.

After I came back, there was a shadi I had to attend. That’s when I asked her for my jewellery and she again bluntly refused saying that I hadn’t given her any kind of jewellery. I told her politely that I had given it to her, trying to make her recall it like where we were sitting and how she had asked me and in what kind of box I gave it to her so that she might recall it. Then I suggested, “Let’s search it together.” To which she started shouting, “You’re calling me a thief and you don’t know how to respect your elders? How can you blame me for all this?” 

I again kept quiet and went to my room where my husband was sleeping. I asked him to handle the situation and this time I started crying badly. He told me that I might have forgotten so I let him check. Then they found out my jewellery from my sass’s almira and she gave it to me saying, “I won’t ever keep your things because you called me a thief.”  I just kept quiet. Afterwards my husband came and told me to say sorry to her. I told him I wasn’t at fault and I didn’t say anything which could hurt her, but he insisted that I had to. So I went and said sorry. My husband and I explained to her that I wasn’t blaming her. I was just asking for my jewellery because we all had to go to a wedding, but she just said, “Okay, but I won’t keep your things now.” I tried making things better by saying sorry again and saying I didn’t mean anything bad, but she was just repeatedly saying that she won’t keep my things ever again…I went to my room and kept things in my cupboard.

To be continued… Episode 02

Published by SS Editorial Staff on behalf of an anonymous author

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