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A Silent Request Of An Unmarried Girl

Please Don’t Ask Me!

I know I am getting older by the passage of time, but there is a little girl inside me who is scared to leave her home, to leave her parents, to leave her siblings. I know the right time to get married. Please don’t ask me to marry an incredulous person just for the sake of society. Please, don’t ask me to get married just because it is a wish of my grandparents. Please don’t ask me to get married just because he is earning well. Please don’t ask me to get married just because he is my cousin. Please don’t ask me to get married early because it’s my brother’s turn right after me.

Why are you getting blind when it’s time to tie the knot of your daughter with a stranger? Why do you start following societal rules when your daughter speaks up about her choice for getting married? Why do you change yourself toward your daughter when she enters adulthood? Is it fair to marry your daughter to a drug addict just because she is getting older? Why don’t you think that she is also a human like everyone else? She also wants to prove herself. She is not trash to throw away. She is a precious gem and a responsibility to be fulfilled until you find the right person for her.

Please Let Me!

It is a valuable scholarship for me. Please don’t stop me for the sake of what people say! Papa, mama, I will never break your trust. Please let me go and avail this opportunity. I want to make my parents proud one day. I want to earn money to support my parents. 

Aunty, it’s my choice to wear jeans, please don’t make me embarrassed in front of everyone just because I wear jeans.

I request my male colleagues, please don’t make me feel uncomfortable by staring at me. Please let me do my work. I don’t want to mess up with anxiety. 

It’s already hard to be a working woman in the society of men. Please let me walk to the bus station, stop following me. Please let me cross the road, don’t snatch my scarf. Don’t shout catcalls at me. It hurts, no matter how hard I try to forget this stuff but it comes back at night and scares me. I want freedom of the mind; I don’t want to lose my mind. It can cost me a lot.

I Don’t Want To Do This!

With the passage of time, it is getting difficult for me to meet strangers every other day with hope in my heart and request in my eyes that please don’t reject me this time. I don’t have the courage now. I cannot tolerate it anymore. But every time, I become fatter, my face becomes ugly, people see the dark circles under my eyes, sometimes they do not like my nature or education and in the end, everyone rejects me. I mentioned I cannot tolerate it anymore. I don’t want to display myself just because my family wants me to get married. I don’t want to marry abroad just because I will be rich. I don’t want money. I want peace, I want love, I want respect. 

I am the flower of your garden which will grow when you give it some love and respect. But if you keep it from flourishing, it will be rebellious.

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I'm an optimistic writer and a social worker. I am looking forward to identify and solve the problems of society. I posses a dedicated personality. My work is to listen the people and to solve their problems, so you can say me an extrovert with an affable nature. Moreover, I highly appreciates women empowerment. To accommodate and help working women, I am running a Facebook based community group by name GLOBAL SISTERS.

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Nice 😍


More power to you girl ♥️



Meryam raja

Well written keep it up


Nice 💐

Maryam Azeem

Such a good article 🥺


Beautiful article ❤️


One of the best article. It hits home👌

Sakina Lakdawala



Thats true, every girls has gone through this at some point.

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Well written!

Sana Faraz

Superb Ajiya….