Societal Issues

A Woman’s Life After Marriage

A woman has always been aesthetically attractive to men. Why? She is destined to do so. Who wrote this prescription? Our way of life. Regardless of how frequently individuals fight for gender equality, irrespective of how often people reject to discriminate gender, it is not feasible in our culture. Allow me to describe our traditional atmosphere, in which a woman is never regarded equal to a man.

Marriage is a two-person partnership between a man and a woman. They both begin their new lives after marriage. These two persons marry at the same time but have pretty different beginnings. One is a guy who, after marrying, lives with his family and his loving wife; the other is a woman who, after marrying, leaves her family behind, adapting to his family according to a lengthy protocol list of how she should act after marriage. Equality? Miss becomes Mrs. the day following the wedding ceremony, whereas Mr. stays Mr. A lady is requested to change her last name to her spouse’s. However, our government has just amended the rules governing surname changes. Still, a lady who adopts her father’s surname as her own is unacceptable. If she does not amend her paperwork with her husband’s last name within a day, they become unlawful. I have never heard anyone request that a man changes his last name after marriage. Marriage is for two people; protocols are for one woman.

A lady should dress like a married woman; it is part of our tradition to do so. However, there is no change in a man’s appearance following marriage. He does not need to yell out that he is married, correct?

A married working woman does her full-time job and then returns home to take care of her domestic chores, whereas a guy remarks, “It was a stressful day; I need “A little rest.” Is this acceptable for a woman to say? While a guy may assist his wife in the household, households are classified as women’s responsibility. She is supposed to be flawless, yet she achieves perfection through time, not in a single day. Likewise, if a guy takes charge of it, isn’t he as excellent as a woman?

When a lady dies before her husband, she is considered fortunate. While her spouse is the first to die, she gets cursed.

Consider this: a few months/ years later, she manages a hundred complications associated with pregnancy when she conceives and carries the child for nine months in her womb. She makes several compromises to her body, lifestyle, dietary choices, and everything else to keep the baby healthy. When the kid is born, he will be given the father’s name. Mother, who nearly lost her life, endured several sleepless nights, skipped meals to nurse her baby, and nurtured them as a human, but the kid took her father’s name. Amazing, he owns the baby with just a drop of sperm.


Regardless of how frequently or how many people demonstrate gender equality, our society’s protocols have been ingrained in our culture. Only a woman is taught to obey her spouse in this society, and she is humiliated if the husband does the same.

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