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Complexion Complex

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, an Irish novelist, once included an old phrase ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ in her book ‘Molly Bawn’. I think she said so, as she hasn’t been to Pakistan.

Unfortunately, we are born in a society where the first thing noticed in a newborn is his complexion. And if it’s fair enough, then immediately the innocent soul gets his many names according to his skin tone. The baby who has just opened his eyes in this brutal world has no idea why he is being made fun of. As these children grow up, an inferiority complex starts developing in them. They try to act normally but deep down inside, they have buried themselves.

Mental and physical effects of color complexion:

When a person grows up listening to unwanted names for his poor complexion, something strange develops in their personalities. They take time settling into the new environment. It’s because most of them suffer from “complexion complex”, possibly because they are fighting the toughest battles of their lives. They may have swallowed many bitter taunts of society which have made them too bitter for others. These taunts and comparisons leave psychological impacts on them, one of which is Major Depressive Disorder. We all know depression is the one thing that provokes suicidal thoughts. Its physical effects can be seen in the form of devastating facial issues using high toxic fairness creams. No doubt, discrimination is traumatic stress.

Role of media:

Believe it or not, the media has always played a powerful impact on our lifestyle. We adopt things from the media quite quickly. The media is also responsible for color discrimination. Commercials of fairness creams are too common these days. They make you believe that you are nothing if you do not have a fair complexion. Some advertisements show such illogical content – use their fairness creams and get jobs and marriage proposals. Seriously, to hell with your degree and etiquette. The entertainment industry can’t be left undiscussed. Morning shows have left nothing to do except make-ups and ‘totkas’ to have white skin. Either seriously or just for fun, black or dull skin is being mocked in both of our industries – be it film or drama.

Shadi drama:

It won’t be wrong to say that for marriage proposals both the genders are firstly judged on their skin colors. All the fake and made beauties have set the standards too high for men that their demand is a fair wife. Likewise, men’s fairness creams have raised the bar of standards for some women too high. The two are questioned first on their skin tone and then other qualifications. That’s why there are still some poor singles being constantly rejected for their color. This discrimination also provokes them to indulge in unhealthy activities, making them sinister.

Problems faced at institutes and workplaces:

Only the bullied know how it is to have dark or dull skin. Whether as a student or as an employee, some racists bully them on their skin color. They are called names. They are also easy victims for the harassers. Sometimes people don’t make friends in schools or colleges. They don’t talk to you for no reason or a bad reason. We have observed some cases when you are not being promoted despite your qualifications. In short, they won’t let you lead a peaceful life.

This form of abuse will continue to perpetuate internalized discrimination and will be affecting us mentally, physically, and psychologically. Only our mindsets can change this war going inside them. Let’s help these people regain their self-confidence. There is nothing like fair or dull. Be a good person inside and out.

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Asma Ather

very well said 👍💯 keep it up 💞


Bitter but true…
Well said 👍


Well said


Well said 👍🏻
Bitter reality of south asian society

Madiha fattani

Very well said


So true .