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“Moti Ho Rahi Ho, Khushkhabri Hai Kia?”

Moti Ho Rahi Ho, Khushkhabri Hai Kia?

Yes! Girls usually start putting on weight when they’re married because way long before the wedding, they quit eating properly or lose their appetite sometimes due to the wedding anxiety or the other times to put themselves on a diet, so they make a perfect bride of their kind. More often, girls get excessively busy with their wedding shopping due to which they keep on losing weight unintentionally.

According to the rituals of our society we’ve got plenty of dinners right by the next day of the wedding which, if denied, raises a question over one’s ego and self-respect. Dinners apart, we also have a trend of inviting our relatives to stay at our places throughout the wedding festivities and sometimes even long after the wedding due to which the routine of the family members and especially the newly wedded is heavily disturbed.

No order, unhealthy eating, insufficient sleep, tiring dinners, and most importantly, a great hormonal change start making one’s body heavier sometimes while the other times vice versa. A girl who kept her diet under control to look the prettiest after her wedding would never like to gain weight but for some time, in the beginning, she is unable to maintain it. A girl who lost her appetite due to anxiety, cannot regulate her diet when finally she’s married. A girl who was assiduous in her shopping now finally gets time to eat… why should she not?

While all these reasons make her gain weight, is it necessary to ask, “Moti ho rahi ho, Khushkhabri hai kya?” When she already has an immense pressure of parenthood from our society! When she is already going through an enormous difficulty of adjusting to a completely new home! When she is trying to make some space for herself in the new family! Is it really hard to keep control of your questions? Is it onerous to keep a hold of your tongue? Why do you forget having daughters of your own? Why just consider your daughter and not the other one? Would you like your daughter to be asked such questions at every dinner, party, gathering, meetup, and in the family daily? No! Never… You will never affirm any such questions for your daughter and you shouldn’t either but you should also not be the one doing all this to the other’s daughter. If any girl either a newlywed or not gains some weight you should either avoid mentioning it negatively or, for the other fact, should not precisely take notice of it.

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