Terms & Conditions – Panel Guest Authors

Terms and Conditions for Panel Guest Authors

  • Joining Surviving Susral e-Magazine as Panel Guest Author is absolutely free.
  • The Panel Guest Author can submit articles to publish on our website on a regular basis.
  • The articles should meet the following criteria in order to be selected for publishing on our website:
    • Minimum 500 to maximum 1500 words long
    • Written in either English or Urdu per member’s preferred language declared at the time of registration
    • Must be relevant to the scope of our website
    • Must be engaging and appealing for the readers
    • Must be well organized in paragraphs and sub-headings
    • Must be grammatically correct and error-free
    • Must be original and plagiarism free
    • Preferably provide 01 relevant image with each article in the required dimensions and resolution. If not provided for a particular article, we will arrange a suitable image ourselves or publish the article without an image.
  • The submitted articles should meet the above-stated criteria and must be appealing and interesting to read so that we accept the articles for publishing on our website.
  • Panel Guest Authors will be required to moderate comments for 90 days on their own published articles to engage their readers.
  • Please note that we do not offer any rewards or monitory benefits to Panel Guest Authors.
  • Avoid duplication of articles on Internet:
    • Given that we have submitted our website to Google to appear in relevant Google search results, it is important for our authors to know that they should avoid duplication of their articles to be published on Internet to avoid any penalties/ restrictions from Google for the author.
    • What is duplication of articles: When the author provides the same article/ content to more than one website to publish it on Internet it is called duplication of articles by the author. However, if you provide your written article to only one website for publishing it on the Internet and then share its link on different social media pages or on WhatsApp or through Emails then it is not considered as duplication of articles.
    • There are following two options of avoiding duplication of your articles on Internet in order to avoid any penalties or restrictions by Google and consequently by the publishing websites:
      • Do not provide your same article to more than one website for publishing it.
      • If due to any reason you are willing to publish your same article on more than one website then make sure to let the websites know the links of your published articles and mention which website published it first. The website that published your article first will claim it as original content and the other websites that published it later must add a canonical tag to your duplicate article referring to the website that published it first. Failing to do so can lead to restrictions from Google to remove your articles from all the websites that published it and they may even ask the websites to ban that particular author from publishing more articles.
    • To keep the procedure simple, we strongly recommend you to choose first option stated above; that is, do not provide your same article to more than one website for publishing it.
    • Separately, if you happen to notice that any other website has copied your content from our website and published it on Internet without your knowledge or consent then report it to us immediately so that we should inform Google to get the copied content removed from that particular website.
  • Dissolution of Panel Guest Author Membership:
    • Plagiarism
    • Any provoking, illicit, political, racial, adult, harassing, disrespectful, discriminatory and/ or demeaning comments
    • Spamming comments
    • Moderating comments on articles published by other members
    • Criticizing comments for guests, readers or other members
    • Generally misbehaving with the readers or other members
    • Posting irrelevant links in comments
    • Asking guests, readers or other members for any monetary benefits
    • Duplication of articles on Internet if canonical tagging is not done appropriately

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. We also reserve the right to refuse to publish any article from any member. Moreover, we can also cancel membership of any member without stating any reason.